GW Biological Sciences


Cell Biology

BISC 2202 by Dr. Leon Grayfer

What is Life? Come on this journey from the nucleus heart of the cells along its vast endomembrane roads and through the specialized organelles that permit the cell’s many functions. Discover the fundamental building blocks that shape all cellular life on Earth. Experience the life of a cell from its formation, through its development and specialization to finally, its death. At this journey’s end, you will have a new perspective of, and a greater appreciation for basic and applied cell biology. Unravel the mysteries of what unifies and diversifies all that breathes, moves, and leafs.


Molecular Biology

BISC 3208 and 3209  by Dr. Ioannis Eleftherianos

Comprehensive overview of theories and concepts in molecular biology; topics include the biosynthesis and structure of DNA, RNA, and proteins, relationships among gene function and expression; transcription and translation; regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; theory of traditional and modern methods in recombinant DNA technology, gene and protein characterization methods. The lab component includes techniquesof recombinant DNA technology, gene cloning and expression, isolation and amplification of nucleic acids.


Introduction to Immunology

BISC 3212 by Dr. Courtney Smith

This is an upper level, undergraduate lecture course that introduces the innate and adaptive arms of the mammalian immune system.  It is an important course for students interested in medicine.


Virology and Antiviral Immunity

BISC 4212/6212 by Dr. Leon Grayfer

A comprehensive overview of the infection, replication and immune evasion strategies of distinct classes of viruses and a hands-on survey into the molecular techniques in virology. Learn how different types of viruses overcome host cell barriers to establish infections, evade the immune system and spread within, and between different organisms. Read and discuss current literature in virology.


Undergraduate Research

BISC 4171 by Dr. Courtney Smith, Dr. Leon Grayfer and Dr. Ioannis Eleftherianos

Hands-on research training of undergraduate students and participation in laboratory research on projects related to host immunity to pathogenic microbes. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with senior researchers, participate in all aspects of a research project, and present their findings at the annual GW Research Conference.


​Host-Microbe Interactions

BISC 6219 by Dr. Ioannis Eleftherianos

Overview of the molecular, genetic, cellular and physiological basis of symbiotic and pathogenic interactions between plants, invertebrate and vertebrate animals with various microbial organisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses as well prokaryotic and eukaryotic parasites.