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Research Opportunities at GW Comparative Immunology Research Unit

Graduate Student

We are looking for highly motivated students with BSc or MSc degrees in Biology or related field, who are interested in integrative biology, preferably with some experience in one or more of the following areas: molecular biology, genetics, immunology, comparative or invertebrate biology, and molecular virology. The research requires a multidisciplinary approach with the use of molecular, cellular and immunological techniques. Students have daily opportunities to interact with other members (faculty, postdocs, grad students and undergraduates) of the three labs. Good knowledge (speaking and writing) of scientific English is required.


We are interested in postdoctoral researchers with substantial expertise in molecular/cellular biology or immunology. Candidates should be enthusiastic about collaborative and interdisciplinary research, supporting ongoing projects in our laboratories, training graduate and undergraduate students. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential.

Opportunities: Open Positions
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